Our collection consists of 11 perfumes, that can be referred to 4 Notes: citrus, floral, woody and oriental, combined with luxurious and pure aromatic extracts, each inspired by an iconic personality from the past.



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A flag of the time, was and still is, the flowering sea lion, from his day to the present day he filled the world with sciences and art in the sea and sailing, for more than five centuries, his star shone and did not turn away, sunrise and sunset, as well as in the south and in the north, its good is general, in the pillars The world, its righteousness and its sea, is a crown on the flags of the sea in the sciences of the sea, as well as on land in character, chivalry and magnanimity, he is the prince of the sea, he is Ahmed bin Majid .... and it is a civilization.

The Notes

Top: Coriander, NutmegBirch, Raspberry, AGARWOOD

Middle: Rose, Jasmin, OrrisOsmanthus, AGARWOOD

Base: Patchouli, Vetiver, OudAmber, Cocoa, Incense, MuskVanilla

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