Our collection consists of 11 perfumes, that can be referred to 4 Notes: citrus, floral, woody and oriental, combined with luxurious and pure aromatic extracts, each inspired by an iconic personality from the past.



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A date beyond, in this year of the Hijri date, Ahmed bin Majid sailed, a specific time after which the sea and sail changed, he was ten years old at that time, but he actually entered history since that time, and left an increasing impact, which enlightened every sailor, captain, navigator and fleet In the east as in the west, and in the north as in the south,

Such is the human being, the best of mankind, it is a civilization.

The Notes

Top: Lily of the valley, PatchoulyAquatic notes, Benzoin, Narcissus LeafPear

Middle: Tolu Balsam , JasmineRose, Balm, Saffron, Narcissus, YlangPatchouli, Vetiver

Base: Powdery , Vanilla Oud wood, Incense, Amber, Caramel

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